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Course and Price

Course and Price

Thai traditional massage

Thai traditional massage is the basic menu of our shop

   5000 yen(60 minutes)
   7000 yen(90 minutes)
   9000 yen(120 minutes)

Flow of treatment
Wash your feet with a footbath and take a shower.
Then, change into paper pants and upper and lower surgical clothing.
While performing various poses on the treatment mat with the assistance of the practitioner Compresses, pulls, stretches and shakes the body.
The practitioner uses his thumb, palm, forearm, elbow, knee and foot, Create a dance of movement in the recipient's body.
In this process, joints are opened, muscles and tendons are stretched, The internal organs are tightened and energy balance is maintained.
Deep relaxation, rejuvenation, physical and mental You can enjoy happiness.
After the treatment, you will need to change clothes and drink tea.
On return, we will give you a bottle of mineral water(250ml).

Body massage

For cool down after sports
There is no intense movement, so it is recommended for beginners

   5500 yen(60 minutes)

Oil massage

Born and developed to help people with weak skin, such as rustling skin, receive Thai traditional massage
Oil can be selected from peppermint and odorless

   7000 yen (60 minutes)
   10000 yen (90 minutes)
   12000 yen (120 minutes)

Foot massage

Stimulate the pressure points on the soles
Taiwanese foot massage is famous, but there is also a foot massage in Thai traditional style.
Thai experience is also recommended.

   5000 yen (60 minutes)

[Nomination fee]
The practitioner will work with the customer in rotation.
When a specific practitioner is designated, a nomination fee of 500 yen will be charged separately.


Thai traditional massage

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