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Thai Traditional Massage

Home Sabai

Daily: 10:00 ~ 23:00
Sunday: 10:00 ~ 21:30



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What is Thai Traditional Massage

Imagine you are doing exercises at the gym with the practitioner and you. The practitioner compresses, pulls, stretches, and shakes the body while posing you in various postures. For yoga, you will need to step up on your own, but the practitioner will assist you in achieving a yoga pose that you cannot do alone.

 Health benefits of Thai traditional massage
 History of Thai traditional massage
 Theoretical basis of Thai traditional massage
 Basic Thai Traditional Massage
 Evolution of Thai Traditional Massage
 Thai traditional massage for athletes
 Those who should not receive Thai traditional massage


Traditional Thai Massage

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At Home Sabai, you can receive Thai traditional massage in a relaxing space
2nd floor @ Entrance of Home-Sabai
Stairs to Home-Sabai

Price List

Home-Sabai Fussa

Body Massage

2980 yen  30 min
5500 yen  60 min
3000 yen  Extra 30 min

Thai Massage

5000 yen  60 min
7000 yen  90 min
9000 yen 120 min
3000 yen  Extra 30 min

Aroma oil Massage

7000 yen  60 min
10000 yen  90 min
12000 yen 120 min
4000 yen  Extra 30 min

Foot Massage

5000 yen  60 min

Nomination fee  (Optional)

500 yen  

Detail ...

Body Massage
Body Massage

Thai traditional Massage
Thai Massage

Aroma oil Massage
Aroma oil Massage

Foot Massage
Foot Massage





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