New Coronavirus Infection Prevention Measures

● Request to wear a mask
Please wear a mask when you enter the store.
Please wear a mask during the procedure.

● Request for alcohol disinfection
Please disinfect your wrists with alcohol when entering the store.

● Implementation of temperature measurement
We will measure the temperature when you enter the store and only those who are below 37.5 degrees will be treated.

● Please take a shower before the treatment and change into the treatment clothes
A locker for the treatment clothes was installed in front of the shower room.

Please take a shower before the treatment and change into the treatment clothes.
The bottom is brown trousers on top of disposable paper trousers
The top will be a gown over the AIRism white shirt.
These treatment clothes are prepared for each customer and sent to the laundry after use.
Shower room shelves

● Towels at the time of treatment are cleaned at each store by a salon-compatible company.
All towels used during the procedure have been washed and will not be reused.

● Implementation of regular ventilation
We regularly ventilate so that you can spend your time with peace of mind.
We also introduced two Dyson air purifiers.
Dyson air purifier

● Thorough cleaning and disinfection inside the store
We clean the inside of the store every morning and wipe it off when the customer leaves the store.

●Cleaning stairs and landings
We regularly clean the stairs and landing

● Thorough management of staff's physical condition
The staff wears masks even when not performing the procedure.
We measure the temperature before going to work, and refrain from going to work if you have symptoms such as coughing or fever, or if you feel tired or stuffy.
In addition, we thoroughly gargle, wash hands, and disinfect hands.



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